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Environmental Consultancy

Since the inception and adaptation of Code for Sustainable Homes, BREEAM etc, the focus is on sustainability and reduction of CO2 emissions through design optimisation for energy usage.

Engineering design solutions requiring Sustainability, Renewable Energy, Low Carbon/Energy Design, Green Design are all focused around utilisation of one or more natural resources such as sunlight, water, air, ground, gravity and efficient control. All of these resources generate energy free of cost which can be converted to suit or meet energy demands.

We understand and apply the core driving principles of sustainability governing both dwellings and non-dwelling (ie commercial) developments. These principles are the framework of operations for all the planning authorities which are implemented to achieve sustainable urban development.

Harnessing available natural resources shall enable any design to realise its full potential within budget constraints and to achieve or exceed client expectations. We are confident that the design solutions framed around utilising suitable renewable or low carbon technology shall optimise the expected design deliverables together with generating quantifiable paybacks.

We are certified:

SAP Assessors

To undertake approved SAP calculations for Dwellings to demonstrate compliance with Building Regulations Part L1A & L1B. These calculations form the basis for addressing the energy sections of Code for Sustainable Homes.

Low Carbon Energy Assessors

To undertake approved SBEM /DSM calculations (using IESVE software) for Non-Dwellings (i.e. Commercial & Mixed Use developments). These calculations contribute to achieving compliance with Building Regulations Part L2A & L2B together with the energy sections of BREEAM.

Our Services also include:

Renewable/Low Carbon Energy Assessment Reports

We have undertaken energy assessment reports for various developments ranging from blocks of flats, mixed use and other commercial developments. These reports demonstrate the most appropriate energy strategy for achieving compliance with the applicable planning authorities, regulations and building control requirements.

Summer Overheating / BREEAM Thermal Comfort Analysis

Dynamic Thermal Simulations are undertaken to demonstrate compliance with CIBSE Guide-A or BB101 criteria. Structured reports and results are presented in a form to enable clients to summarise the thermal performance of the building for addressing occupant comfort and HVAC requirements.

Expert advice and designs together with scope of works and specifications for achieving compliance for the following;

• Sustainable Urban Drainage Scheme (SUDS)
• Rainwater Harvesting
• Water Calculations(for BREEAM & Code for Sustainable Homes).

To achieve Part L compliance and the overall energy strategy, NLG Associates often get involved at the very early stages of projects with the Planners/Architects and Clients and advise on how to approach the building design efficiently at concept design stage.