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Our Approach

The size of the practice allows the directors to be actively involved in all projects irrespective of size, type or value ensuring a personal, well managed “hands on” service to all its clients. This approach has been rewarded by a very healthy repeat client base.

The general ethos of the company is built around a number of core principles gained over 30 years of experience. Ensuring the architectural intent of a building is achieved by providing innovative, sound and cost effective design solutions; Good engineering advice at the conceptual stages can be the difference for the success or viability of a project.

This proactive and collaborative management approach has been our linchpin to earning new clients. We put great emphasis on gaining and sharing knowledge.  Lessons learnt from projects, conferences and professional meetings are disseminated through in-house presentations, talks and site visits.

We recognise that our greatest asset is our experienced staff therefore we ensure that each individual gets the right type of training they need at the time they need it to continue their professional development.

Our regular training programmes enable all levels of staff to grow and maintain their skills as well as to keep up-to-date with current trends and developments in our industry. Senior staff has the design and management experience to lead teams and are trained to meet client requirements, deliver engineering value and manage risk.