Location: Old Brompton Road, Kensington & Chelsea
Client: JMS Estates
Completed: June 2017
Architect: Ceetoo
Value: £4,500,000

Princess Beatrice House SW10

Princess Beatrice House was built early 1930s as a hospital, formally named Prince Beatrice Hospital closed in 1970s and refurbished in the late 70s before becoming a hostel, later converted for some commercial use which was closed and purchased by JMS Estates in 2011 to convert into student accommodation and is located in the centre of Earls Court


From an Employer’s brief, NLG Associates were responsible for the design of all mechanical, electrical and public health services including undertaking a whole building thermal model, calculating all heating and cooling requirements, together with an overheating report outlining corridor overheating strategies.


Understanding the existing building structure together with the client’s vision for the building was important as all M&E distribution services were required to be concealed and the rooms were to have a homely feel.


During the design, NLG Associates adopted a proactive approach providing invaluable advice to the end user/ operator advising which parts of the building that were overheating and providing solutions.