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NLG Associates have assisted many clients including potential purchasers, landlords, tenants and property management companies with advice on the building services element of their properties.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer our clients reports that are informative yet at the same time written in a way that the ‘non-technical’ client understands the status of the building services in their property / potential property.

The types of surveys we undertake include :-

Acquisition Surveys

The M&E services in a building represent a major element for any potential purchaser. We ensure that the potential purchaser is aware of all the services in the building to ensure viability of the purchase.

Dilapidation Surveys

At the end of the lease term, we assist either the landlord or the tenant in providing a report on the state of the building services and any defects which need to be rectified. This is undertaken either by a visual inspection only, or if required can include any specialist testing systems.

Condition Surveys

We are often contacted by managing agents and building owners to report on the condition of the building services in their properties. The condition of the building services dictates the level of maintenance required / being undertaken, along with a budget cost for future capital expenditure.

Asset Surveys

Knowing what building services are in the building is essential to ensure budgeted figures for maintenance purposes are kept up to date. Our Asset surveys usually dovetail into the managing agents building reports and include information on the age, condition, life cycle and anticipated replacement costs which assist in making informed decisions on the maintenance regime of the building.

Due Diligence

Buying or entering into a lease on a building is a big commitment. We offer a confidential due diligence service to developers, investors, tenants and landlords. Our report is written to cover all aspects of the building services and their condition and any likely capital expenditure to enable our client to make an informative decision in their negotiations.